Civil & Structural  Design

We offer a range of services in the Civil & Structural consulting field. Services include: Foundation and shoring design; Structural design and detail of all reinforced concrete or steel elements; Civil design & detail including pavement, stormwater and culverts; in addition to providing Inspections and advice during the construction process.

Structural Assessment

Structural conditions assessments are performed to ensure structures meet all applicable building codes related to structural integrity, services include: Evaluating concrete, steel, masonry & timber assets; Conducting structural condition assessment and load rating; performing structural health monitoring and modal analysis.

Bridge Inspections

We offer integrated bridge management services, starting from initial planning stage and data collection throughout inspection, load rating assessment, and designing the remedial or replacement works. Our bridge inspection services include Level 1, Level 2, as well as detailed Level 3 load rating assessment

Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation reports are a photographic survey prepared for the purpose of assessment and documentation of existing damages to buildings or assets. It is primarily required as a Council condition of a Development Application prior to the commencement of a proposed construction project and compare this report with the state of the element after the works are complete.

Vibration Monitoring

We provide accredited monitoring solutions in accordance with the project and regulatory requirements. 

Services include: Construction vibration management plans and monitoring; Work health and safety vibration surveys for commercial and industrial facilities

Design & Project Management

We can manage your construction project from inception to completion, services include: Site Feasibility and Due Diligence analysis; budgetary advice during all phases of the works; project programming; inspection and test plans (ITP); environmental management plans; superintendent services; as-built documentation; certification of completed work and defects inspections.



Paragon Engineering is a Specialist Engineering Consultancy Firm operating across Australia and servicing the transport infrastructure and building sectors, with a focus on bridges, roads and associated infrastructure assets.


Our client base includes local roads and rail authorities, infrastructure asset managers and construction companies. We provide a range of services from Structural design and assessment, bridge inspections; project management; structural & vibration monitoring and non-destructive testing (NDT).


We are committed to providing the highest quality engineering services, through using the latest technologies & testing equipment and engaging closely with our clients to achieve optimal project outcome.




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